Best games about robots for PCs

Robots have long become one of popular culture’s most exciting and relevant themes. These intelligent mechanical beings never cease to inspire and amaze people. Thus, they became characters in many projects, such as cinema and fiction.

The field of computer games shows androids as a symbol of progress, conflict and even self-knowledge. The abundance of genres and interpretations of this universal theme is a characteristic feature of the gaming industry. It includes emotional historical stories and realistic battles.

List of best games about robots for PCs

In this article, we want to tell you about the best projects that have a great story:

  • NieR:Automata. It’s a realistic story with a post-apocalyptic atmosphere in which androids seek meaning in the ruins of human civilization. This game has philosophical reflections on the essence of man and machine and will demonstrate not only dynamic fights but also an exciting story.
  • Binary Domain. This tactical shooter will take you on a journey of the future. A team of specialists worked on this project, where you will see a company of people and robots. They will have to cope with a rebellion of machines together. The interaction between the characters, the fantastic decisions in the battle mode and the intriguing plot make this project unique.

Strategic and tactical games

We suggest you take a look at our list of games about robots, which will help you create different tactical approaches:

  • Into the Breach. This is a true tactical masterpiece in which users will lead a team of robots and protect our planet from alien invasion. Every plot decision will matter. So, each game session is unique, which is possible only due to the extraordinary generation of difficulty levels.
  • Robo Recall. This virtual-realistic shooter helps users eliminate malfunctioning robots that suddenly start attacking humanity. During battles, you get natural adrenaline. Also, you will surely enjoy beautiful visual effects and extraordinary control mode. Each of these factors makes this game one of the best representatives of this modern genre.


Those users who dream about creativity can try one of these projects:

  • Robocraft. There, you can experience a vast creative world. You have to design your unique robots using different components, tools and modules. After creating one mechanical work of art, you can become a participant in the battle. During this competition, you will be able to compete with other users.
  • Besiege. This unique project summarises such components as puzzles and constructors. Each user will get comfortable tools for creating different machines, such as simple vehicles and complex robotic mechanisms. Your task is a practical implementation of a particular engineering plan.

Retro games about robots

Here are some classic examples:

  • MechWarrior. With this project, you will be able to travel through historical eras. This classic series of games will show users powerful battle robots in strategic battles. The MechWarrior series became popular due to its realistic strategic approach, detailed modeling and extraordinary locations.
  • System Shock 2. That is the legendary space horror game that sends users to the spaceship. There are a considerable number of hostile cyborgs and artificial intelligence. This project will show you the elements of such genres as action, RPG and surviving. As a result, you will feel a tense and unforgettable adventure.


The best games about robots for PCs will show all users a dynamic and exciting experience. Experienced and beginner gamers will find in them such aspects as creating unique robots, participation in intense combat, and retro or modern technological innovations. However, if you have extraordinary preferences, you will find the optimal game about robots.