The best board games for seven-year-old children

The modern world has many extraordinary and cognitive entertainment for children. However, despite modern technological innovations, board games remain one of the most popular and useful hobbies for the younger generation. They contribute to the child’s cognitive and social development and strengthen the relationship between parents and children.

Choosing a board game for a seven-year-old requires a particular approach. At this age, every child is able to learn complex rules. However, they need such factors as exciting emotions to keep their attention.

Games for education

One of the main vectors in the world of table games for children is learning through gameplay:

  • Educational Labyrinth not only fascinates the child but also helps him to develop spatial thinking. When children explore the fascinating paths of the maze, they learn to analyze the situation and predict the consequences of their actions.
  • Count With Me is the perfect way to make maths fascinating. This unique entertainment helps children love mathematics and teaches them the basics of arithmetic.

Logic games

Logic is a crucial element in the development of children’s thinking. With the help of the best board games for seven-year-old children, parents can develop their logical skills in the process of play and fun:

  • Rush Hour is a fascinating puzzle in which the child will organise the movement of cars to make way for a red car. This task will help them turn on their intelligence and create strategies.
  • Underwater Labyrinth will send young researchers on a fascinating journey through the sea depths in search of treasure. On the way to their goal, they will see different obstacles requiring them to develop such skills as logical and strategic thinking.

Games for reaction and attention development

Seven-year-olds are very hyperactive, and their focus is constantly changing. The games help them focus and develop their observational skills:

  • Jenga is a classic game in which children should alternately remove wooden blocks from the tower. At the same time, the tower should not be destroyed. This project develops motor skills and teaches children patience and accuracy.
  • Doctor Microbe is a fun and dynamic game in which children quickly find and collect microbes of the same color through the use of tweezers. It trains skills such as observation and coordination.

Adventure and fantastic games

The world of fiction has no boundaries, so children adore these fantastic worlds that are full of miracles:

  • Adventures in the jungle will take the child on a journey through the dense rainforests, where he or she will search for treasure and undergo exciting trials.
  • Space Travelers will allow tiny astronauts to go on an exciting space adventure. In the process, they can explore new planets and meet unknown civilizations.

The best table games for seven-year-old children with cooperative mode

Teamwork teaches children to understand, cooperate and respect the opinions of their friends:

  • Family Tree is a fascinating journey that will send the child into the past of your family. Together with the child, you will collect photos, stories and events. As a result, you will recreate the history of your family in many generations.
  • Treasure Islands will send a team of friends to a desert island. There, they will find a lost treasure. This is a task needed in the interaction of gamers and strategy.


Table games are both fun and a great way to develop different skills in a child. They teach children interaction, creativity and self-confidence. We encourage you to choose the optimal game for your child and start enjoying fun and productive moments together!