The Longbeards are an ancient family of dwarves who settled in Khazad-dum the first. Gimli had his origin from this family and was the first descendant of Durin in the younger line. In 3018 the King under the mountain sent envoys represented by Gimli, his father Gloin, and several other dwarves to Rivendell. At the end of the meeting held by Erlond, the lord of Imladris, the ring delivered by Frodo was to be destroyed. Gimli was chosen as a member and the only dwarf in the Fellowship of the Ring (which consists of 9 members).

Their journey to Mordor began on December 25, 3018. During the way Gimli made a good friend – the elf Legolas. However, they quarreled with each other on the way to Moria, and it was difficult to call them friends, but the fears they faced in Moria brought two friends so much closer together. No dwarf had entered Lorien since Darin’s time, and Gimli was the first.