The Battle of Moria

When passing through Moria, the members of the Fellowship of the Ring found themselves in the Chamber of Mazarbul, not far from the Balin’s tomb. There was a trap. They were attacked by the cave trolls, the orcs of Moria, and the Uruk-hai of Mordor. A troll was injured when trying to get through a


In 2941, Thorin, Thrain’s son, met with the wizard Gandalf, who tried to convince him to regain possession of Erebor. Thorin and his kinsmen and companions, with the help of Bilbo Baggins, set out on their journey. Thorin was able to enter the treasury through the underground passage through which his father and grandfather had

The Fellowship of the Ring’s journey through Moria

The members of the Fellowship set out on their journey to Orodruin. The squad went to the ruins of Eregion, which had long been ruled by the Noldor and whose lord in the Second Age was Celebrimbor. The team moved towards the passageways of Karadhras. However, due to bad weather and snow piles, they decided

Durin’s Bane

The Barlogs were sent into battle at the very end of the War of Wrath. These were the last forces that could overcome the army of the Morgoth Bauglir’s army. The only barlog, survived of that battle, hid in the depths of the Misty Mountains and fell asleep for a while. In 1980, when searching

Durin the Deathless

Durin the Deathless, one of the seven Fathers of Dwarves, justly got his name: he had lived an exceptionally long life, longer than any other dwarf. The Fathers of the Dwarves, as they were later called, created Valar Aule in the Age of Trees, and later put to sleep the seven dwarves in the numerous


The Longbeards are an ancient family of dwarves who settled in Khazad-dum the first. Gimli had his origin from this family and was the first descendant of Durin in the younger line. In 3018 the King under the mountain sent envoys represented by Gimli, his father Gloin, and several other dwarves to Rivendell. At the

Fallen Angels of Middle-earth

Fire Demons, the balrogs created by J. R. R. Tolkien for The Lord of the Rings, are fire demons surrounded by a dark cloud. They are the epitome of terror, flame and darkness. The name “barlog” is translated from Sindarin as “powerful demon”. They are described as humanoid creatures of enormous stature with powerful arms,

All about the Dwarf race from the Lord of the Rings

J. Tolkien has created a whole world-Middle-earth inhabited by different races in his legendarium “The Lord of the Rings”. And the dwarves have an important place in it. Description The dwarves of Middle-earth were short, stocky, long-bearded, they possessed great strength and endurance. The dwarves were also skilled craftsmen. Working with precious stones and metal,


Beorn lived near the Carrock and was engaged in beekeeping. He was the only one who had the secret of making particularly nutritious honey cakes. Beorn hadly had a friend, but he spoke the language of the animals that served in his land. He did not kill animals and birds, eating mostly cream and honey,