Moria town and Khazad-dum kingdom brief history

In this article, we tell you not about the tourist siths in the city of Moria in Japan, but about the legendary Khazad-dum, in which several centuries of dwarves lived in their kingdom, and then the tragic death overtook their country, including Moria town. According to legend and artefacts that survived only by miracle, Dum had a huge and very fascinating history.

Prophetic reflection in Mirrormere

The founding father of the Dwarf Kingdom had the name Durin the Deathless. Early in his life, he was a commoner dwarf, but he was the first to become king of this people created by the almighty deity Aule. He travelled extensively through Middle-earth in search of adventure and a better life, and eventually he reached the Misty Mountains.

A very beautiful lake glimmered in the sun between the mountain peaks. Deep in the calm waters of this lake, this dwarf noticed its own reflection. This was the lake in which Durin saw the divine sign. So, in that image, his head was surrounded by a chorus of shining stars against the sky.

Later, this mystical vision became the coat of arms of Khazad-dum. Thus, by the sign of the Higher Powers that control the life and death of the universe, the illustrious Kings of Durin’s Folk and Longbeards began their existence.

Becoming a Great Kingdom of Khazad-dum

The descendants and subjects of Durin the Deathless proved to be skilled and hard-working miners and craftsmen, and their ruler would certainly not be disappointed in them. At the same time, the interior of the mountains, which gave eternal refuge to these dwarves, was full of minerals.

The Dwarves established good relations with the Elves and engaged in a secure and rich trade in minerals and fruits of their own famous craft. Years of peace led to the blossoming of Khazad-dum, and the population began to increase. At the same time, this kingdom became richer every year.

Sauron is an immortal but evil monster who has had an envy for the prosperity and wealth of the dwarves. He designed the Ring of Power and tried to adjust the Elves to war with Khazad-dum. However, the Elves are wise people who have been able to decipher Sauron’s terrible designs. That is why they remained in league with the Dwarves. The cause of Khazad-dum’s demise was that of their former prosperity, too.

Durin the Deathless

Mithril beneficial metal as a blessing and curse of dwarves

In the depths of the mountain, in the depths of which the complex of cities of Khazad-dum was located, the Dwarves found such a rare and precious metal as Mithril, which proved to be stronger than steel and worth much more than gold. Centuries passed and the resources from Mithril began to dwindle.

Subsequently, the artisans from these mountains began to deepen into the lower levels of this rock. It is there that the Balrog (an evil and almighty demon) lives, who met the Dwarves and destroyed the Dwarves. According to legends, it was Sauron who awakened this Balrog from a thousand-year dream, who was very angry with the Dwarves from Khazad-dum after they defeated him.

Moria town

The fiery demon who came to this world from ancient times was so powerful that the Dwarves could not resist its power. Balrog destroyed the cities and underground mines that the Dwarves had created, and he did so at Sauron’s behest.

All the dwarves escaped from Khazad-dum, which was a very beautiful country before. Also, in their place, the angry and wild orcs arrived, and life in these beautiful mountains became so terrible that the dwarves themselves began to call their sad homeland Black Chasm (or Moria).

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