The Main Historical Ages in the Life of the Dwarves of Middle-Earth

According to historical evidence, the First Age suggests that the tribes of Dwarves lived for a long time without even knowing that other races existed. It is important to note here that the Dwarves themselves were conceived by Mahal (Aulë), while other races are considered the Children of Ilúvatar. It was not until 1250 (Years of the Trees) that the Broadbeams and Firebeards clans came across the Elves near Beleriand. Elves and Dwarves became friends, and the ancient peoples began to exchange knowledge and various things.

One day, hordes of Orcs attacked the Elves but failed. They were defeated in the very first major battle, and when they began to retreat, they ran into an army of Dwarves who were hurrying to help the Elves. Later, Sauron sowed seeds of discord among these peoples, which made them distrustful of each other. This is how the Second Age began. At its beginning, Broadbeams and Firebeards had to leave the Blue Mountains after Beleriand was destroyed.

Second Age

During the Second Age, the friendship between dwarves and elves almost ceased. However, individual dwarf families began to interact more with each other. For example, Doors of Durin from Moria made a connection to Gwaith-i-Mírdain. The latter were attacked by Sauron, causing the fall of their capital, Eregion. By that time, an army from Moria had arrived and attacked the servants of Sauron from the rear, but it was too late.

The Second Age ended with the Great Battle. Then some of the Dwarves of Moria joined the alliance of humans and Elves.

Third Age

By mining mithril and other valuable minerals for centuries, the Dwarves have awakened a Balrog that slumbered in the Misty Mountains. As a result, they were forced to quickly leave Khazad-dûm, which since then has been called Moria. The word means “black abyss” in the language of the Dwarves.

After this, most of Durin’s Dwarves went to the Gray Mountains in the north. The rest decided to follow their new leader to Erebor. In the Gray Mountains, the dwarves lived well for nearly three hundred years. But later, dragons began to visit the far north, which forced the Dwarves to leave their homes and go to the subterranean Dwarven city. There they lived quietly for the next two hundred years until Smaug appeared.

The dwarfs had to leave again. Their king went south, while they themselves went to seek their fortune in the Iron Hills. The Durin’s Dwarves managed to settle in the lands of Dunland. Here Thráin II became the owner of the last of the Rings, which his father gave him before his sad journey to Moria. The Orcs killed the old king, which made Thráin take revenge and start a war. Together, the Dwarves destroyed each of the Orc fortresses and liberated the Misty Mountains. But the victory was costly. The clans suffered huge losses in the war and decided not to settle in Moria, but to move to the Blue Mountains, where Thráin founded a new kingdom.

Lord of the Rings

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The Lord of the Rings trilogy is set in the Third Age. A wizard named Gandalf decided to support Thráin’s son Thorin, who wanted to regain power over the Kingdom of Erebor. He was joined by a dozen dwarves and a hobbit. Later the company went to Erebor, where they successfully defeated the dragon Smaug.

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