The Battle of Moria

When passing through Moria, the members of the Fellowship of the Ring found themselves in the Chamber of Mazarbul, not far from the Balin’s tomb. There was a trap. They were attacked by the cave trolls, the orcs of Moria, and the Uruk-hai of Mordor. A troll was injured when trying to get through a solid door made of stone. It did not open completely, so the attackers jostled, preventing each other from squeezing into it. They received a serious rebuff. Some of the attackers were killed, the rest had to retreat to the corridor.

When the members decided to use the eastern exit to escape, a huge orc, a leader, entered and threw a spear at Baggins. It touched the mithril mail without harming Frodo. The leader was killed by Ark, who took Frodo and rushed into the corridor with others. At that moment, a balrog of Moria approached, and Gandalf brought down the ceiling of the Chamber.