The best game headphones

Today, the era of digital entertainment is developing at an intense pace, so the audio in games has become not the background, but an essential component of immersion. Quality audio enhances the efficiency and realism of the project. As a result, the game world becomes dynamic and colorful. Because of this, many ambitious gamers are looking for the best game headphones, so they can experience virtual reality more effectively.

Headphone selection criteria for games

  • Noise reduction. Experts believe that extraneous noise should be isolated. As a result, users can focus on the video game.
  • Clean bottom and precise high frequencies are the guarantee of realism of gameplay.
  • Long game sessions should be comfortable.
  • Clear voice transmission when communicating with allies is a guarantee of effective eSports competition.
  • The financial component of any game is a significant factor. As a rule, the quality of the game justifies all the money that the developers invested into their project.

List of the best game headphones in the premium segment

We’d like to show you the options that deserve your attention. They have strengths and weaknesses that you should consider when reading this article.

Audiophile Elite 7X

  • Wireless headphones, audio format is 7.1, autonomy is up to 18 hours.
  • They have perfect sound quality, comfort with hours of use and excellent stereo microphone with noise cancellation.
  • High cost, no drivers to activate certain functions.

GamerPro Quantum One

  • Wired headphones, RGB lighting, and settings through the app.
  • Deep bass, comfort and strength.
  • A heavy-weight device for some users, high cost.

NexTech UltimateSound Z

  • Wireless headphones, fast charging and autonomy for up to 24 hours.
  • Excellent value for money, long battery life and stable connection.
  • Low noise insulation compared to competitors.
Gamer with headphones
Gamer with headphones

Middle-price segment headphones

We offer you rating headphones for games cheaper, but no less quality.

SoundWave GameMaster G5

  • Wired headphones, audio format is 5.1, RGB-backlight.
  • Excellent sound system, comfortable microphone attachment.
  • Some components may look cheap, but the backlight is not configured.

TerraTune TT-505

  • Wireless headphones, stereo microphone with noise reduction, working capacity of up to 15 hours.
  • High noise insulation, stable connection.
  • Average battery life, frequent charging.

GamingBuds PlayMore PM-3

  • Wired compact headphones, integrated microphone.
  • Great sound, practical headphones.
  • Uncomfortable with prolonged wearing, the microphone passes the external noise.

Low-cost headphones

If you have little money, we suggest you evaluate other excellent options in this rating.

BudgetBeat BB-101

  • Wired headphones, stereo sound.
  • Low-cost, good audio performance.
  • Inexpensive materials, frail construction.

EchoPlay EP-200

  • Wireless headphones, activity up to 8 hours.
  • Lightness and comfort, good value for money.
  • Short battery life, long charging time.

SonicGear SG-GamerLite

  • Wired headphones, built-in microphone.
  • These are reliable and strong headphones, suitable for children.
  • Poor sound, risk of voice distortion by microphone.

How to properly care for headphones?

  • Regularly remove dust and dirt from the outer parts with a soft cloth.
  • Store them in a case or on a special stand. Protect the wires from entanglement.
  • Eliminate moisture ingress. If they get wet, dry them naturally.
  • Volume level. Avoid listening to music at high volume due to the risk of dynamics damage.


Optimal headphones are always a combination of factors such as comfort, audio quality, and cost. Your financial condition and preferences influence which of our headphone options will be optimal for you. However, you should not forget about timely care, regardless of the type of headphones you buy. It will help increase your device’s lifespan and support its functionality and durability.