Beorn lived near the Carrock and was engaged in beekeeping. He was the only one who had the secret of making particularly nutritious honey cakes. Beorn hadly had a friend, but he spoke the language of the animals that served in his land. He did not kill animals and birds, eating mostly cream and honey, and his home was protected by bears at night.

Beorn sheltered Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit, and his companions during their way to Erebor in 2941. (the third epoch). He was ruthless toward goblins and orcs, that’s why Gandalf the Grey led the Thorin Oakenshield’s squad of dwarves, fleeing the advance of the orcs of the Misty Mountains. Beorn provided the guests with food and weapons, offered his ponies to transport their things. He secretly accompanied the travelers during their journey in the guise of the bear.