Moria expedition and the death of Balin

Autumn, 2949. Darkness descends on the underground kingdom of the dwarves. Balin hears some whisper that tells him to return to the capital of Moria. He followed it. Balin wants to find the mithril deposits and one of the Seven Dwarf Rings there. In the spring of 2989, Balin, leading a large group of dwarves, approaches Moria against Dain’s request. During the battle, Orcs were pushed back from the main gate, and the Guardhouse was also retaken.

Balin and his squad settled in the twenty-first hall, then he proclaimed himself lord of Moria (a direct descendant and successor of the ancient family of kings of Khazad-dum). The mithril was found, but it didn’t help: their reign lasted just 5 years. On November 10, 2994, Balin makes his way to the Dimrill Dale, without the support of a squad, to look into the Mirrormere. However, he is pierced by an arrow fired by an orc.