Durin’s Bane

The Barlogs were sent into battle at the very end of the War of Wrath. These were the last forces that could overcome the army of the Morgoth Bauglir’s army. The only barlog, survived of that battle, hid in the depths of the Misty Mountains and fell asleep for a while.

In 1980, when searching the rare metal mithril, the dwarves of Moria deepened their mines so that they reached the farthest underground depths and woke up the barlog. In that year, after having killed the Dwarf King Durin IV, this creature of darkness received the name “Durin’s Bane”. The same barlog killed King Nain a year later. It became too dangerous to live in Moria because of the barlog, and the dwarves fled their kingdom. In 2989 Balin led his forces against the Orcs who occupied Moria and won a victory. However, dwarves couldn’t return to Moria. Balin’s squad was completely destroyed by the barlog in 2994.