«Must-have» apps for freshly purchased Android-smartphone

That’s happened! You have become the owner of a brand new smartphone, no matter what model and for what reason you purchased the gadget. After you have enjoyed the appearance of the device, tried to touch its touchscreen, physical buttons, fingerprint scanner, took a test shot of its box and selfie, it is time to make a software filling of his new satellite, and therefore, you need to connect through your account and Google services to the app store and install the right software. However, not all of these services are activated, so you need a backup source, for example, Apksalad, where you can find everything that’s in the Google store, as well as what’s not there.

Obligatory apps for the new gadget

Which set first? As a rule, a new smartphone wants to download a lot of the most «useful» in your opinion and interesting applications, but most of them will just hang useless cargo, take place and activate every six months. Experts recommend the following applications from the category of «must-have» for new devices:

  • adblocker;

  • functional media player;

  • protection system, antivirus;

  • light browser (alternative to regular);

  • messengers;

  • social media, if there are accounts there;

  • favorite game.


If you don’t have Google services on your smartphone, you need to download an apk for Android file from an additional source and set. This is done in modern smartphones simply – open the file, automatically starts installation. If you have all the services you need to simply click on the «Install» link on the page of the chosen application in the directory of the official store.

Remove advertising

Advertising, in addition to irritation, causes traffic overruns, so the blocker should be functional, recognize most types of advertising. At the same time, the application should weigh a little, not take away a lot of resources.

Music and video

Music and video streaming services have long been a familiar source of media content. However, sometimes you need to see a file that is stored in the memory of the smartphone. Filmed independently or handed over by friends, loved ones. It is often the case that a full-time player simply cannot reproduce this file. Then we’ll have to apk download site Apksalad it’s going to help. A good selection of the best players is a guarantee that any media file will be correctly reproduced..

And so gradually, carefully selecting each application, you need to fill a new smartphone with useful software.