The Fellowship of the Ring’s journey through Moria

The members of the Fellowship set out on their journey to Orodruin. The squad went to the ruins of Eregion, which had long been ruled by the Noldor and whose lord in the Second Age was Celebrimbor. The team moved towards the passageways of Karadhras. However, due to bad weather and snow piles, they decided to retreat. Then they decided to try to pass through the dungeons of the ancient state of Moria. However, before the members of the Fellowship reached the gates of Moria, they were attacked by Werevolves, the wolves-ghosts. Their attack was repelled, but Gandalf didn’t like the fact that his spell brought attention.

When the Keepers came to the gates of Moria, they were attacked by the Watcher in the Water, they hid in the Dwarves’ Chamber. As the group passed through Moria, they were attacked by orcs. Gandalf could’t leave Moria with the others. When the members of the Fellowship were near the Eastern Gate of Moria, they were attacked by the fire demon Morgoth. Gandalf, who knew that no one would be able to resist the fire demon, ordered the members to flee, and he himself picked a fight with the Balrog on the Khazad-dum Bridge. During the fight, Gandalf destroyed the bridge with a magic blow that damaged the staff. The Balrog caught the old wizard with its whip as it fell and dragged him into the abyss. The keepers, thinking that Gandalf was dead, set off. The group was led by Aragorn.